The 3rd ordinary meeting of Canakkale Provincial Employment and Vocational Education Board has been held at Tacettin Aslan Vocational and Technical High School.

The meeting has been attended by Mehmet Uğur Yavuz, the Acting Provincial Director of Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR), Sema Sandal, the Secretary General of CCCI, Recai Başaran, the Coordinator of SMDA (Southern Marmara Development Agency), Cengiz Yılmaz, Head Manager of Çanakkale Provincial Directorate of National Education, İbrahim Büyükgaga, Head Manager of Çanakkale Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Şeyda Topuz ,the Job and Vocational Consultant of İŞKUR.

Giving information on the meeting, Secretary General Sema Snadal has stated “We met with students and exchanged views about the CV competition among vocational high schools. An important step’s been taken by the Ministry of Trade in 2021 for young people who want to make career in foreign trade through the Foreign Trade Vocational and Technical High Schools project, that started pilot implementations in the cities of İstanbul, Gaziantep, Mersin and İzmir. We expect this practice to be expanded throughout the country in a near future. The scope and importance of Vocational High Schools is increasing day by day, thanks to the Project.”

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