Covid-19 Site/Workplace inspections, initiated by the T.R. Ministry of Interior across 81 provinces has been carried out under the presidency of Ilhami Aktaş, Çanakkale Governor; and participated in by Ülgür Gökhan, Çanakkale Mayor; Selçuk Semizoğlu, CCCI Chairman; Kaya Üzen, Chairman of Çanakkale Commodity Exchange and Ünal Özcan, Chairman of the Union of Tradesmen and Craftsmen of Çanakkale.

Giving information on the inspections CCCI Chairman Selçuk Semizoğlu has stated, “We have all been going through a rough patch for 14 months. We will hopefully clear the hurdle of this period, which negatively affects all businesses, the education of children, and most importantly, our health. Canakkale doesn't deserve the table of recent days. We need to be more sensible, fulfill our responsibilities. We continuously convey our requests to TOBB the roof organisation such as increasing the amount of supports provided to our affected members and extending the short work allowance. President Erdogan today announced that the Short Work Allowance will continue to cover April, May and June. As business world, we extend thanks to him.

In addition, we would like to express our gratitude to all the health workers, law enforcement officers, poliçe officers, gendarmerie forces of the province, especially the Governor of Canakkale İlhami Aktaş, who has been working extraordinarily hard in this epidemic for 14 months. But the best thanks will be by following the precautions to the maximum and taking Canakkale into the blue category.”
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